Cookie files are computer data in the text file format which are stored on terminals of Website Users and intended for using the Website pages.

Seirdo uses cookie files to collect statistical data, customise the contents to each user's interest, display advertising material and assure proper performance of certain website parts.

The Internet website browsing software (web browsers) often allows writing and storing of cookie files on User terminals by default.

Website Users can always change their web browser cookie settings. The web browser settings can be specifically modified to block automatic handling of cookie files or to always notify the Website User about attempted writing of cookie files on its terminal. Detailed information about cookie file handling options and methods is available in the settings of your browser.

The Website Operator advises you that restrictions on cookie files may affect certain functionalities on the Website pages.

The cookie files written to Website User terminals may also be used by advertisers and partners who cooperate with the Website Operator.